[ADMIN] Curtain Call

After a successful three year run, I am closing the doors to Kabuki Arc.

Though this was a decision that was most definitely not an easy one to make, I realize that after three years, we have exhausted almost every single possible storyline that could have been written for organized crime. From gang wars to turf war, from assassinations to underground cops, we've done just about everything humanly possible within the game, and have begun to recycle past storylines.

As a whole, I believe that Kabuki Arc was very successful. It saw some incredible writing, and some tremendous growth. I have to definitely thank our wonderful readers, our incredible writers old and new, and of course, the hardworking Storytellers that guided the game along the most. Without all of you, Kabuki Arc would not have seen the amount of success it did at its height. (Something like 90+ characters and 40+ players?)

I am also proud to say that Kabuki Arc won't just die with this notice. It will forever live on in our hearts, our memories, and also on the pages of literary magazines, where we have been published three times, and also in the form of a manga series known as happinesstheory, which is based off of the Shun x Yoshi storyline.

Here are some statistics:

Journal entries: 1,390
Comments: Received: 6,072

Give yourselves a huge round of applause, ladies and gentlemen! So many posts in a period of three years is most definitely admirable. I am very happy to have known all of you who have participated in this game, and I hope wherever you go in the future, your writing will continue to grow.

For those of you who would like to keep up with the Kabuki Arc storytellers, many of the players, and myself, I have launched a new game, Ashita no Yume. Many of our players have created characters there, or moved a few over. Those of you who have read Kabuki Arc for a long time and always wanted to join but felt too intimidated to, I definitely encourage you to take a look at Ashita no Yume and submit your concepts to me, since we just launched the game.

Thank you so much for always supporting us. Perhaps one day in the future, when we feel inspired again, this game will open its doors once more.

Administrative Storyteller


How is everyone's summer going?

I hope you guys are all enjoying being out of school. ^_~

I know for a long time, everyone went on hiatus, myself included -- but I wanted to just kind of let everyone know that I really am interested in reviving this game. KA at its prime was an incredible game with amazing writers and some great storylines; I hope we can bring back some of our favorite aspects of this game, and also evolve it into something that far extends beyond just the normal reach of the world of crime to the citizens, whose world is shaped by it.

There are a few ideas I have -- but one thing to note is the fact that I won't really be available to play at night, except on Wednesdays, Fridays, and on the weekend.

I will be able to play during 9am - 5pm EST. But not on AIM -- only through Gmail! You guys can contact me at clearedtruth@gmail.com -- and I really hope you do. I'd really like to play with a few people and get things going again. :D

- Krystal

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Effective Immediately.

I'll be back in may, when classes don't suck so hard, and I've gotten my grades back together, but between work and school, I'm really screwing myself over.

Sorry, guys.



[Kaisa    -    Hanei]

The air was fragrant with the scent of dawning spring; the chill, almost biting breeze that swept through Ueno Park reminiscent of a young girl twirling about in a brand new gown patterned by the gentle, whitish-pink memories of yet another season fallen to the cold earth. She was lively and spirited, the sounds of men and women drunk on far too much sake and karaoke and well-wishes alike scattered through the breaks in all of her tiny petals -- in all of that symbology of the beauty of life in its transience. For now, she, along with everyone else, celebrated the fleeting joy of it all while the time was still granted.Collapse )

Unexpected Rendezvous

[Yuu. Hanei. NC17?]

It had been two weeks since Hanei's unfortunate run in with his idol, and he had spent that time thinking about his worship of Yuu and coming to the weak-willed conclusion that the guy was still fucking cool, even if he was kind of a dick. Still, there was work to be done so he didn't exactly keep focusing on it after more than a few days.

Tonight, he was headed to a party for some band - he didn't know the name, and it didn't really matter. The guy throwing it had made it clear to Hanei's bosses that someone would be welcome to come to distribute fun of a more chemical nature, so he'd gotten his ass in gear and headed up there. Upon entering the place where things were going down, he couldn't figure much out - too many people milling around.

But that was to be expected when the band in question was one with as much prestige as SHADE.Collapse )


Woman in black was the identity of the minute and moment, nails long and eyelashes the same, lips full and colored the same as the boy's -- no, man's -- no, boy's -- hair, the very exact pigment of orange and red blend, that watched from across a room thick with cigarette smoke. Thick with flickering particles and thick with atmosphere, and that might have made it an illusory thing, such a tiny (so hugely tiny) similarity between them. Hair and lips were usually much more vibrant things.

Among others.Collapse )

Some "Fun".

[ Yuu. Hanei ]

It was a cold night; not much of a surprise considering that every night lately felt cold as fuck to Hanei. Maybe it was the fact that he was being forced (sort of) to stand around selling to people, but couldn't use any for himself. Well, he could, but then he would have to pay for it - and considering that his debt was already insane, that wasn't something he wanted to get into. Still, there wasn't any help for it, and so he stomped his feet while he waited to get in; thankfully, the wait wasn't long since palms were crossed with the appropriate amount of yen long, long ago to ensure that he could get in to wherever his "employers" wanted him to be.Collapse )