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Kabuki Arc
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Don't look now...

But there's a man sitting at the bar. He's packing a M11 GBB standard issue with a silencer that's in a holster strapped under his left armpit -- shitttt, that's gotta stink like all hell -- oh wait, what was that?

--- How do I know this?

Because one of my men sold him the piece. Idiot doesn't know the ammo's filled with blanks. He thinks that with those blanks he's going to kill me the instant I walk out of this joint with you -- but that's not going to happen, because you're going to kill him instead.

But you're not just going to kill him. You're going to beat the living shit out of him first, take him somewhere nice and secluded -- and by the time you whack his sorry ass, he'll be begging for death -- I mean, no one likes to have their skin peeled off.

I'd say that pussy'd last a good five hours of that before he spills who he was sent by.

What's that you say?

I've got the wrong person? What are you, a fucking pussy?

Don't forget, you're the one who came looking for me. I kinda liked ya. It'd be such a shame for you to end up the same way Stupid over there will -- six feet under the ground -- Ah, I knew you'd come around.

See, we're all scared the first time we make our first mark -- but after that, it's like taking a piss -- you won't even remember their contorted faces after the fifth or sixth one -- really.

Welcome to Kabuki Arc --

Kabuki Arc is an interactive storytelling game known as "role play", where one creates his or her own character to integrate into a massive, multi-player story mostly centered around the crime industry in Asia.

Yakuza, prostitutes, drug lords, sleazy politicians, and even innocent civilians make up this massive interactive story that will end only when you decide it to. (I.E. Having your character die, be killed, or move away from the story.)

One isn't required to play a Yakuza member or one of society's degenerates to be part of the story. We encourage a wide range of characters that may even include high-standing law enforcement, wealthy businessmen, or even housewives! This game isn't about playing a role for the sake of playing -- it's about expanding your mind and exercising your creativity.

Feel free to come in and make yourself comfortable as you browse through this website and the Kabuki stage. We hope you'll decide to be one of our players by the time you leave...

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